Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New build for a friend - my first Customer!!!!

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Off to a good start for my first custom build for a friend...he is my first customer...yahoooooo:-)...........and I already have got a request from another friend.

Ordered the parts from newegg last week and they arrived promptly today. They were well packed as usual and I just love shopping for computer stuff at newegg. This is the fourth build I am doing in two years.

Decided to go with nmediapc 5000B HTPC case. Had some good reviews and more importantly had lot of connections in the front side - eSata, 3 USB, 1 HD audio, Firewire and various card slots (SD/MMC/CF/MiniSD blah blah blah).

Selected the AMD Atlon X4 dual core 2.9ghx 65w processor. Was cheap for 60$(half the price of Intel) and is a good choice as it emits less heat and also consumes less power. Bought the microATX Gigabyte board as a combo....great board with lots of built in stuff....to match the media case.

Other parts include Patriot 4GB DDR2 6400 memory, 500w power supply by coolermaster and the 1TB spinpoint drive from Samsung. I have two of them on my rig and they have been performing well for the last 8 months. I was real happy and proud that I did the build in 90mts from start to finish. Was very impressed with myself.

To be continued.........

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